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Located in Belgium, Max Climbing offers a range of handcrafted training products. Developed and produced by a passionate climber, the MaxClimbing products are intended for climbers of every level, from beginners to experts.

All Max Climbing products are focused on innovation, usability and fun through the synergy of creativity and science for creative trainings.

Who said training couldn’t be fun?

Max Climbing invents out of the box solutions for climbers who want to get stronger and become better.

All Max Climbing products and holds are designed according to the NEN-EN 12572-3-2008 standard, assuring strong and reliable products.



  • Unique combination of reliable resin + ergonomic wood!

  • Switch between easy and hard mode

  • 4 levels of slopers

  • 4 levels of difficulty per pocket type

  • Two-bolt or screw mounting


These Maxgrip evolution are the perfect combination of innovation, effectiveness and elegance.

Also intended for climbers from beginners to experts,

they allow 6 hand positions and many other exercices.

With their light weight (less than a kilo) climbers can easily transport them.

The wood absorption capacity avoid using chalk

during the training.

A little bonus : The Hybrid Maxgrip offer a smooth texture

which is gentle for climbers skin !


- Materials : Ecological Rubberwood and Polyurethane

- Set includes : 2xMaxGrimp Hybrid Hold + 2x rope + 2xrope lenght adjuster

- Weight : less than 1kg the pair

Intended for climbers from beginners to experts, Max Grip is easily
ranked as the bestseller thanks to its versatility: With 6 different
gripping positions this hang hold is truly multifunctional and an
excellent choice for both core tension and upper body strength
exercises. Very ligth and resistant, Maxgrip is a great solution for
mobile climbing gym and can easily be taken on a travel, to a crag
or a park, to a competition or simply to the gym.


Set includes : 2x MaxGrip hold + 2x rope + 2x rope length adjuster
Weight: 1,6 kg the pair



Especially confirmed climbers will have a lot of fun with the
Rockblob. Thanks to theirs hollow shape, these balls like
holds enable 4 different gripping positions for training or
warming-up. This ergonomic and multifunctional training

tool is very light and easy to travel with.

Set includes : 2x Rockblob hold + 2x rope + 2x rope length adjuster
Weight: 1,2 kg the pair


The Spinchboard is the ultimate fingerboard for a perso-
nal home climbing gym. The one-bolt mounting allows

the climber to spin the board between different modes,

enabling them to train shoulder, compression or just fin-
ger strength on various slopers, pockets and pinchers.


Set includes : Left and right Spinchboard hold + M10 bolts and T-nuts
Weight: 2,9 kg the pair


The Spinchboard Solo is a great training tool for climbers who want to push their limits at an af-
fordable price. The two-bolt mounting allows them to spin the board between different modes,

enabling to train their core strength, resistance or just finger strength on the various slopers and

Set includes : Spinchboard Solo fingerboard + M10 bolts , T-nuts, screws and plugs
Weight : 2,6 kg


The Crimpgimp is a compact, multi-functional hold for training finger strength. With over 7
different gripping positions and a single bolt rotating setup, this training hold easily surpasses a
traditional hangboard. It can be set on the Basewood or on any climbing wall.

Set includes : 2 x Crimpgimp hold + 2 x M10 bolt and T-nuts
Weight : 1,2 kg the pair


This simpler, smaller 80mm diameter variation of Rockblob is perfect for campusing, warm-up
and pinch strength improvement. It can be set on the Basewood or any climbing wall.

Set includes : 2 x orb hold + 2 x M10 bolt + T-nut
Weight: 1 kg the pair


Mini climbing wall

The Basewood is a small ultra-customizable climbing
wall with 26 hold positions. It is compatible with the
complete Max Climbing product range or any other
regular climbing hold.


Set includes : Basewood board (1140 x 390 x 18 mm) + 8mm Allen
key + screws and plugs
Weight: 3,8 Kg


This add on allows you to install and de-install your home climbing wall within a few minutes
without measuring, drilling and screwing.

Set includes : Basewood ledge (945x45x9) + Basewood retainer (1100x100x18mm) + M10x300mm bolt: 2pcs + M10
washer and wingnut: 2pcs
Weight: 2,45 Kg

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