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Chalk TOTEM Ⓓ 

The issue of volatile chalk in gyms is a fact, and represents a major challenge for them.

We have developed a chalk powder dispenser that:
- Contains particles of volatile chalk in a confined space.
- Allows climbers to take chalk without spilling it on the ground.
- Encourages the use of chalk ball to avoid the surplus on the hands.


Its four magnetic flap entries allow the climbers hands to go inside. When they go out, the flaps close immediately enclosing the cloud of volatile chalk.
The articulation of this Chalk Dispenser ® in two parts allows a storage space in the lower part, and the removability of the upper part for a deep cleaning.


A customization of the lower part is possible with your logo and/or your baseline to highlight your brand.

- Height: 115cm
- Height lower part: 70cm

- Height lower part: 45cm
- Height of the entrances: 95cm
- Base width: 52cm
- Cover width: 36cm

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