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The "UP" range

Solar Up Ⓓ

The Solar Up Ⓓ is the flagship model of the new generation of belay glasses.

Its modular solar lenses help to use it in a sunny weather.

In addition, they are trapezoidal prisms and the panoramic vision on the climber.


The "Up" and "Down" positions help to activate and desactivate the device with only one hand...


Prism Up Ⓓ

The Prism Up Ⓓ represent the new generation of belay glasses.


The "Up" and "Down" positions help to activate and desactivate the device with only one hand.
The results : a clear field of view at the bottom of the cliffs and an easy handling.

It's the perfect model for indoor climbing that's bring comfort and security.

It suitables with spectacles wearers.


The Clip Up is an evolution for all spectacle wearers.

Just clip it on your own glasses and belay your partner with comfort. 

It fits on most glasses and sun glasses and with a small movement it can be switched between the positions Off and On.

The trapezoid-shaped prisms allow a wider vision on the climber while keeping an important peripheral vision.

Clip and belay!

The "CLASSIC" range

Y&Y Classic is the first model of the YY range and it's our bestseller.

Its good quality has been proven by thousands of climbers. Thanks to the flexible glasses bows and frame, it can adjust to any faces shapes.

It allows you to belay your partner with comfort and safety.

The "FUN" range

The Plasfun are back with a new design !

These glasses with a lightweight and durable plastic have now a sober and sport look.

The BK7 prisms are enlarged for a wider and more comfortable vision on the climber.

Small bonus : available in different colors, it will match to all your accomplished belayer outfits!

Made of light and solid plastic, the Plasfun range is available

in 5 different colors : Blue, Red, Black, Green, Orange.

Comfortable and easy to wear, it is ideal for those who dare to try new things !

YY VERTICAL belay glasses


They are prism glasses which enable the belayer to watch the climber without bending the neck!

Thus, they improve belaying regarding comfort, concentration

and security.​

How to use belay glasses ?

The Plasfun First ®, new entry-level glasses from YY, are intended for all climbers who want to preserve their necks at a low price! Plasfun First go straight to the point with comfortable vision and a sober look. They also adapt to spectacle wearers.

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